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Current Music Trends In The UK

There’s a lot happening today as far as UK music is concerned. First of all, the market looks healthy with UK artists being received well in the global and domestic scene. Technology has helped to make the music traverse the world and live performances continue to attract more attention than ever before. Keep reading to learn...Continue reading

Level Of Collaborations Of British Musicians With Musicians From Other Parts Of The World

Nothing has the capability to bring people together and foster cultural understanding than music. The UK is a good example of how an encounter of different musical cultures can elevate and bring about several other musical developments. This was the case, for instance, in the growth in popularity of electronic music in UK.On the other...Continue reading

Music Trends In The UK: How British Artists Have Fared Against The World

The British Music Industry is one of the most developed music industries in the world, contributing significantly to the economic coffers of the home country. In 2015, for example, the industry contributed £4.1 billion to the economy of the UK, according to UK Music, the body that represents the collective interests of the country’s commercial...Continue reading | Copyright 2017