If you are someone who adores classics and music is your thing, then you probably know about the four young lads from Liverpool who conquered America in February 1964. Yes, I am talking about ‘The Beatles.

Basically, when it comes to British musicians, there is a romantic aura intertwined with them. Maybe it’s the accent or the fresh sounds, whatever it is, British bands are making a name for themselves across the globe.

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And, if you are still not familiar with them, we bring the top new British Bands that you need to know about.

  1. Another Sky

All the way from South London, Another Sky must be on your list.

The lead vocalist Catrin Vincent has a strong, low, and melodious voice that is produced deep from her throat.

Exceptionally versatile, her voice connects with you.

Their soulful indie-pop music with guitars and choruses leaves a mark on you.

  1. Black Midi

Black Midi started with live shows and zero social media presence.

Finally, their studio performance was uploaded on YouTube and then they went on to release their single.

Black Midi produces a sulky gloomy noise with rock.

Their guitarist always plays an exemplary piece that will stay with you, so intricate and soulful.

  1. Fur

If you are inclined more towards the songs from 50s or 60s then you will surely enjoy this band.

Their pops songs are inspired by the olden eras and the songs have a buoyant feel to them.

But, don’t worry, the beats of the songs are completely 2019 and you will feel ever beat talk to you. Retro-pop is definitely their plus point, but their exquisite song writing also makes all the difference.

What are you waiting for? Listen to them!

  1. The Ninth Wave

They have been on it for the last couple of years now.

Their superb pop songs along with the pitch-black underbelly is their unique signature.

Their lead vocals have a brooding voice that makes you concentrate on it and then soak it all in.

Some of their singles, which includes; Half Pure, Love You Till The End, and Sometimes The Silence Is Sweeter are simply extraordinary.

  1. Our Girl

From Brighton, U.K, their musical dichotomy is what makes them so popular.

The band emits music that is an amalgamation of sweet and tender with heavy and strong.

The pop/rock music they bring on the table is a hit.

You can say ‘grunge’ is their genre. But, even that won’t fully justify the wondrous music they bring us.

  1. Sports Team

A gang of six from West London, Sports Team have been around for a couple of years now.

They are an almost indie group that brings us some amazing pieces.

This is something we have all been missing from the music scene for quite sometime now.

You can listen to their famous singles; M5, Kutcher, and Margate. The music is upbeat and simply sweet. You can listen to their songs on loop.


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