2019 ushered in a new and exciting turn for the music scene in the UK. In the past few years, bands like Catfish and the Bottlemen, Blossoms, the 1975, Pale Waves had a rousing time in record sales and fan base expansion. Let us see the bands that will be the most talked about in 2019.

Detention Girls

Detention Girls - Nubiles Series
Detention Girls – Nubiles Series

This is the series to follow. Nubiles studio is opening 2019 summer with a big bang. With Detention Girls you can be sure you are going to experience the very best of manhandling scenarios on the web. Girls these days are real brats and keeping up with them is pointless. It’s time to teach them a lesson of manners and what would be better than hiring a couple of capable guys? Take a look at some episodes here.

Another Sky

Led by Catrin Vincent, the versatile singer, Another Sky is a pop quartet based in London. The progressive band had released its debut EP in January 2018, titled Forget Yourself. It was followed by a few singles namely Chillers, Apple Tree and Avalanche. The soaring choruses, throaty indie pop and spidery guitars are highlights of this band.  The band had a good tour in February 2019. Another Sky will appear at SXSW 2019 for their debut American live show.


Named after the Greek god, Anteros is led by Laura Hayden is a London quartet. The band famous for its disco with rock influence released its debut album in March 2019 titled, ‘When We Land’. The band active since 2014 has been on tour alongside Blaenavon, White Lies and Two Door Cinema Club. It has also played at Reading and Leeds and Glastonbury festivals.

Indoor Pets

This British band, formerly called Get Inuit, is famous for its classic Weezer style music and for its extra peppy indie rock music. The band released its debut album titled ‘Be Content’ in March 2019 under Wichita Recordings. Their tracks Being Strange and Hi are a big hit with the vibrant guitar music and the high-pitched voice of Jamie Glass.

The Ninth Wave

Glasgow based The Ninth Wave is famous for its anthemic and brooding vocals led by Pattersonheir and Haydn Park. The recent singles of the band include ‘Love You Till the End’ and ‘Half Pure’. They performed at the New Colossus Festival in New York City and at the SXSW earlier in March. They release their debut album Infancy in 2019.


The lead musicians Jules Konieczny and Charlie Brown are behind the formation of APRE. The band plays alternative pop and its recent singles titled Backstreet came out in December 2018. With several live dates in 2019, this is a hot and happening West London based band.


South London based Sorry is a band with an impressive lineup of singles. The band specializes in indie rock, hip hop and electronic music. It hit singles include ‘Showgirl’ and ‘2 Down 2 Dance’. The band has released ‘Home Demo Volume II’ in 2018 and ‘Home Demo Volume I’ in 2017 featuring unconventional artistry, great sonic orientation points and lo-fi production.


This Brighton band came to limelight with is exceptional EP debut, ‘What’s On Your Mind’ in 2019. The quartet singles titles include ‘Blue’, ‘Only Ever’ and ‘Pristine Dream’ which feature dream pop with lush guitar music and moody punk rock splashes. The band will make its first appearance in the US in SXSW 2019.


This indie pop band of three artists was shortlisted at the AIM Awards for Best Live Act in 2018. The South Cheshire based band has turned heads in almost all cities they played in. The band will release its debut album titled ‘Replica’ from Distiller Records in 2019.

The above bands are a few of the numerous bands that can move up the list of top bands in 2019. These indie pop bands have a lot going in their favour, including great music, good vocals, and excellent fan base. But these are not the only ones that are set to create waves in 2019. There are several other contenders, including Flohio, Chappaqua Wrestling, Easy Life, and more.

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