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Who could have thought what started out of frustration could grow to what it is now? It all started in 1991, when two buddies and music juggernauts who used to DJ in a club in Cornwall could not endure any more the lack of the type of tracks that could keep revellers on their feet all night long.

As your reliable, authoritative and informative music website, we can only uphold the ethics of the founding duo of never closing the door. That’s why our resolve to keep music enthusiasts informed and entertained is renewed daily. We are dedicated to not allow any obstacle to hinder us from delivering timely and focused industry information to our honorable British music lovers across the globe, and at this time, our renewed energy runs high.

Origin of Rephlex

Rephlex Records, the iconic record label that existed between 1991 and 2014, will remain in the minds of true music enthusiasts for a long time to come, due to the impact it made and the legacy it left behind. The label helped many artists to rise to stardom and their creativity saw them achieve many accolades. Part of their innovations includes the birth of a new genre of music, Braindance among other world-class achievements.

But how did all this come to happen? Who are these musical geniuses who could achieve such a success in such a short period of time? Read on to learn how this fascinating journey began and delve into the rich history of Rephlex.

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